Extech CLT600 Advanced Cable Locator and Tracer Kit

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Quickly locate and trace powered/unpowered wires and cables in walls, ceilings, floors, and outdoors underground

The CLT600 is a reliable, easy-to-use tool for detecting electrical power cables, telecommunication cables, and wires in building applications. Featuring non-contact voltage technology, worklights, and an ergonomic design, professionals can safely and efficiently locate hidden wires and cables. Combining premium features including coded signals and sound and visual indications, the CLT600 is a complete solution for field troubleshooting, wiring diagnostics, and verification of electrical installations.

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  • Trace powered and unpowered wires and cables in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Identify location of breaks in cables and wires
  • Detect and locate hidden cables and wires in walls
  • Avoid touching live wires with non-contact voltage detection technology
  • Measure AC/DC voltage to 450 V and verify if a wire is energized
  • Inspect safely with CAT III-450 V safety rating
  • Identify related fuses or breakers on panels
  • Set up automatic or manual signal detection
  • Discover signal strength on LCD screen bar display and by sound indication
  • Use mute mode in quiet locations
  • Work efficiently in dark areas with backlit LCD screens and worklights
  • Increase precision with coded transmission option
  • Optional UK and EU socket adapters available
  • Complete with cable locator transmitter, cable locator receiver, instruction guide, 2 test leads, 2 alligator clips, grounding rod/spike, 12 batteries, socket adapter with North American 3-pin Type-B plug, and hard carrying case

Safe, Reliable, Extech CLT600 Cable Locator and Tracer

Extech CLT600 Advanced Cable Locator and Tracer Kit

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