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Temperature Sensor

The WaterTechw² TMP Temperature Sensor is a precision device which offers breakthrough performance over a wide industrial temperature range. Designed for use between -10°C and +80°C with a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3°C. The internal temperature sensor has a high accuracy and linearity over the entire rated temperature range, without the need for correction or calibration by the user.

Temperature measurement in waste water applications provides an important supplement to measurements such as pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids and Turbidity. In Activated Sludge, temperature can be related to the ability of the biological treatment system to cope with varying loads. In Final Effluent many discharge consents are waived when the temperature reaches a low level of around 4°C and by using a verifiable temperature measurement device such as the WaterTechw² TMP the operator can avoid issues with regulators.


The detector within the TMP sensor consists of a metal heat conducting cylinder containing, an internal band gap reference, a temperature sensor and a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter. The result is a robust, accurate, easy to use and stable ultra low temperature drift measurement.The detector tip is incorporated into a black acetal housing.

The TMP sensor has been factory calibrated, no further calibration is required. The TMP sensor requires very little maintenance, no special tools or training is required and installation is quick and simple.

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General Specification

Dimensions 18mm diameter x 152mm long
Weight 0.43 kg (including 10 metres of cable)
Protection Class IP68
Enclosure Material Black Acetal Copolymer
Cable Entries Integral Cable Gland
Cable Type 4 Core, ModTechw² Data/Power, Polyurethane Coated
Cable Length 10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Service Requirement None
Environmental Data  
Operating Temperature -10 to 80ºC
Interface to Monitor  
Power Supply 12 VDC from Monitor
Sensor Output ModTechw², RS485

Measurement Characteristics
Range -10 to 80°C / 14 to 176°F
Accuracy +/-0.3°C
Pressure Rating (Depth) 1 Bar

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WaterTechw2 TMP Sensor

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