ColTechw2 Colour Sensor

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Self Cleaning Sensor for Apparent Monitoring

The ColTechw² Sensor has been specifically designed to monitor Apparent Colour in applications where a broad indication of the colour of the water is required. The self cleaning sensor is ideal for monitoring at the intake stage of drinking water processing, allowing automatic coagulant control with no need for a complex analyser.

Organic materials such as Humic Acid or metals like Iron and Manganese dissolved in water will appear as an unacceptable yellow tinge. If discoloured water is allowed to enter the water supply network customers will quickly become aware of the problem.

The sensor requires very little maintenance, with no special tools or training required. Calibration can be carried out against either a wet standard or using a reference standard.

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General Specification

Dimensions (hxwxd) 370 x 280 x 200 mm
Weight 4.5 kg (inc 10 metres of cable)
Protection Class IP65
Enclosure Material Black Acetal Co-Polymer
Cable Entries Integral Cable Gland
Wetted Parts Black Acetal, 316 Stainless Steel, Glass
Process Connections Inlet and Bypass: ½'' BSP with 12 mm Hosetail
Outlet: ¼'' BSP with 8 mm Hosetail
Seal Material Nitrile
Cable Type 4 core, 2 Twisted Pair, 5 mm O/D Polyurethane Coated
Cable Length 5 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Service Requirement Automatic Self Cleaning
Wiper Replacement Yearly (application dependent)
Environmental Data  
Operating Temperature 0 to 50ºC
Interface to Monitor  
Power Supply 12 VDC from Monitor
Sensor Output ModTechw², RS485

Measurement Characteristics
Range 0-200 °Hazen
Accuracy Better than ±2%
Resolution ±1% FSD or better
Repeatability Better than ±1%
Light Source Light LED, 370 nm
Turbidity Limit 100 NTU
Optical Path Length 40 mm
Sensor Response Time 90% of step change in 3 seconds
Pressure Rating (Depth) 1 Bar
Flowrate 0.5 l/min to 5 l/min

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ColTechw2 Colour Sensor

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