Boekel Scientific Small Platelet Incubator And Agitator, 301200/301550

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The small platelet agitator with incubator from Boekel Scientific offers real value. With a patent-pending inventory management system, built-in thermal printer and USB port to download event logs, this incubator/agitator reduces waste and saves time.

Perfect for short-term storage of blood platelets, this compressor-less, gasless incubator delivers quiet continuous operation in a small footprint for benchtop or floor mounting. Includes seven-inch intuitive touch screen, backup battery and six smooth platform shelves.

  • Six Removeable Shelves 
  • Patent pending Inventory Management System to decrease wastage
  • Gas-less/Compressor-less heating and cooling design
  • Onboard thermal printer for keeping records of temperature data
  • Downloadable event log
  • Massive 7'' industrial touch screen with intuitive icons
  • Battery backup in the event of a power failure
  • Two year Warranty
  • Removable shelves with smooth platform designed to reduce label sticking
  • Extended Warranty Available


  • For short term storage of blood platelets for human treatment
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Platelet Agitator Model #301200

Electrical 115V, 60Hz, 0.75 A Peak, 0.4 A running, 50 Watts
Operating Range ±10% of rated voltage
Speed 60rpm
Capacity 6 shelves
Alarm Yes, Rotation Failure
Shelves 11'' W x 9'' D x 1'' H (between shelves)
Product Dimensions 15.75'' W x 11.25'' D x 13.625'' H
Shipping Weight 37 lbs

Platelet Incubator Model #301550

Electrical 115V, 60Hz, 7 A Peak, 4 A steady state, 50 Watts
Temperature Range 20°C - 24°C
Alarms Door, Printer, Inventory, Low Temperature, High Temperature, Agitator
Printer 50mm thermal printer
Temperature Control Method Thermoelectric
Inventory Management System Time Based
Operation Temperature Range 16°C - 30°C Ambient
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C between 20°C and 24°C
Temperature Setting 20°C - 24°C (22.0°C default temperature)
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, RS485
Product Dimensions 21.25'' W x 19.75'' D x 26'' H
Interior Dimensions 17'' W x 12'' D x 15.5'' H
Interior Light Yes, 6'' LED strip
Shipping Weight 50 lbs

Platelet Incubator and Platelet Agitator

Boekel Scientific Small Platelet Incubator And Agitator, 301200/301550

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